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Education - Public Schools
St. Regis Schools
6 Tiger Street
St. Regis , Montana 59866
Phone: (406)649-2311 FAX: (406)649-2788
Web: http://www.stregis.k12.mt.us/
eMail: almquistd@stregis.k12.mt.us


Welcome to St. Regis Schools and our community. The community consists of approximately 600 people. The school has a K-12 enrollment of 181 Students.
District Information    
   District District Superintendent District Clerk Chairperson
    St Regis K-12 Schools Becky Aaring Julie Downing Kevin Managhan
    Drawer K (406)649-2427 (406)649-2311 (406)649-2557
    St Regis,  MT aaringb@stregis.k12.mt.us julied@stregis.k12.mt.us
County Information    
  Mineral County    
    Billye Ann  Bricker , County Superintendent  
    Phone: (406)822-3534  FAX: (406)822-3579    

We are located on exit 33 on Interstate 90.

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