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Government - Town
Town of Alberton, Montana
607 Railroad Avenue
Alberton, Montana 59820
Phone: (406) 722-3404
Web: http://www.albertonmontana.com/
eMail: townofalberton@blackfoot.net

     When the Milwaukee railroad established its trans-continental line to the pacific coast, Albert J. Earling  chose the  route  on the north side of the river.  The Milwaukee railroad had determined that a train station was needed to service the steam engines that were being used at that time.  This location was 30 miles west of Missoula.  The Milwaukee railroad had to buy the right-of-way, land for the railroad yards and for the town.  This was bought from Henry & Catherine Brown who had homesteaded it in 1891.  The Milwaukee railroad also purchased land from Charles Amadie and Phoebe Agnes Poirier who had homesteaded in 1899.  The Milwaukee railroad was surveyed in 1907 and was built in 1908-09.  The catchy  name of the town at that time was Browntown.  It was then changed to Alberton, after Alexander Albert who was one of first settlers in this valley.  His homestead was south of the river across the natural pier bridge.  It was also named after the railroad president, Albert J. Earling.
     The Milwaukee depot is now restored and used as the town hall, library, senior citizens center and by the American Legion.
     Alberton is known as the gateway to the Alberton Gorge, favored by whitewater rafters, kayakers, and avid anglers.
This small town offers a nice break from interstate travel. Stop by and stay for a visit. 

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